The Googler


Bio: Growing up on Lake Michigan and with a father who’s a Captain, Marion developed a passion for The Great Lakes and our environment. Since she wasn’t blessed with her father’s scientific mindset, she set out to support environmental organizations using her creative skills. Marion graduated from Grand Valley with a major in Public Relations & Advertising and a minor in Nonprofit Administration. Her creative fire is fueled by the passion she sees in the nonprofit world– making Scott Allen Creative the ideal place to work!

Marion likes to keep herself very busy outside of work. Between enjoying her new married life and hosting fitness groups, her interests include succulents (more like an obsession), her two long-haired chihuahuas (Bruce & Penny), yoga, and anything on the water.


Favorite band?

The Avett Brothers. Hands down.

Something people always assume about you?

People tend to think my name is pronounced “MAR-E-ON” but it is actually pronounced “MARY-YIN”.

Where do you like to buy donuts?

Marge’s Donut Den has my vote! I have to represent the Wyoming area of course. My favorite donut you ask? Long John with the custard filling– NOT the weird frosting filling.

Why do you love working with nonprofits?

I love working with nonprofits because it gives a greater meaning to my work. I feel like I am really helping a cause and giving back. It’s easy to be passionate about your work when you’re helping a greater cause.