Pantone Pro


Bio: When she’s not in the office you can find Nicole on the beach or on the slopes depending on the season and sipping a fine wine not depending on the season. She loves to laugh and brings her sense of humor to the office. Traveling is a passion of hers as well as spending time with her husband, family and friends.



If you could go back to school and study something?

Definitely dancing. I missed my calling.

Song on the playlist?

Bust A Move by Young MC. I know every. single. word. #proudofit

Something you’re proud of?

Besides knowing every. single. word to Bust A Move? 9 years of missionary work that took me all over our beautiful country and beyond. I really miss it.

Where do you like to buy donuts?

Either Marge’s or The Donut Conspiracy. The old-fashioned glaze is my favorite. 🙂

What type of nonprofits are you passionate about?

I am passionate about nonprofits that support the dignity of the human person no matter what age.