Wordsmith & Deadline Delegator


Bio: I like to think of myself as the left-brained individual that brings balance to the right-brained world I work in. Some of my favorite clients are nonprofits. Their work is always guided by a fiery passion that’s hard to find anywhere else. I get so excited when I can channel their passions and make them my own.


When Jeff lets me have the time off, I love to travel. Driving down the West Coast, trekking through Italy, picnicking by the Eiffel Tower and exploring Scotland’s castles will forever be a part of me. Life just doesn’t get any better.



Where do you want to visit?

Without a doubt, Iceland. #bucketlist

Something you like about yourself?

Being left-handed. It’s one of the quirks that makes me me.

Favorite past time?

Coloring. It relaxes my mind, eases my anxieties, and gets my creative juices flowing.

Where do you like to buy donuts?

I love a nutty donut from Marge’s. 🙂

Why do you love working with nonprofits?

I get to use my talents to create a positive impact!