Chick-fil-a’s Brand: Why it works.

Chick-fil-a’s Brand: Why it works.

Besides the fact that I can never remember how to spell its name, there are a few things about Chick-fil-a’s brand that makes it so successful.

Only an elite few can successfully incorporate the shape of a chicken into their typeface. And the design is so strong that it can even stand alone as a separate mark.


Who would have thought that you could use cows to advertise chicken? It’s unexpected and humorous, which makes it stand out and something we all could use more of in our lives.


Have you noticed that the staff never (okay, rarely) says, “You’re welcome.”? They’re trained to say, “My pleasure.” It’s the little things that make you feel good.


To me, one of the most important elements of a brand is the experience. When the first location opened in West Michigan, I was surprised to see such a focus on community. You don’t find many chain restaurants that go out of their way to bring people together and try to make a difference in their town. I think this experience is one of the things I appreciate most. Before they opened, they began a conversation about what organization is worthy of a donation of 50 sandwiches. Instead of selecting one organization, they chose 50! Another example is of those people who waited in line to be the first 100 customers, they made it an event with entertainment, food, and drinks.



Remember, #passioninspires



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