Design A Better World

Design A Better World

In the industry of creativity, ideas are a dime a dozen. What makes an idea worthy of sharing with the world?

For me, that question is answered if that single, minuscule idea can change the world for the better.


We have all been bombarded with advertising, most of it bland or just too plain annoying to pay attention to. Think back to a truly great ad that you remember, whether it was a commercial, billboard, or magazine ad. With every ad fighting for your attention, the bar is raised for better ideas, more thoughtful concepts, and better execution. That is the difference between a good idea and a truly great idea that will stand above the crowd and grab your attention.


Looking through almost any job description, you will most likely see the terms “innovation,” “creativity,” or “think outside the box.” I like to think this means that the world as a whole values new and exciting ideas. But are all new ideas better for the world? Consider Taco Bell’s breakfast menu and get back to me on that. Maybe this is why we at Scott Allen Creative are so grateful to be able to work with non-profits. These are the ideas that truly better the world, if only one person at a time. Of course, in a market economy, new ideas mean more profit, so no hard feelings, Taco Bell.


So what exactly is design that makes the world better? For me, that question is answered whenever I have a positive connection to the visual or conceptual properties of the design. We creatives have the power to turn data into art, ideas into tangible marks, and make the world around us culturally richer. To see what I am talking about, try visiting adsoftheworld.com. The work displayed on that site is what all designers should strive for.


Today, I have a personal goal not to need five Pinterest tabs open at once to find inspiration. The wonderful world of Pinterest should be the wonderful world around us.


Remember, #passioninspires



Hayley is a Graphic Designer
at Scott Allen Creative
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