5 easy things you can do
to update your website

It’s important to continuously update your website; whether it’s small tweaks or major changes. At Scott Allen, it’s my job to make sure our website and portfolio are always up to date. If you’re a list person like me, you may find this blog helpful!

For starters, one tip that I find helpful for staying on track with maintenance is adding a reoccurring event on your calendar. Once a month, I make sure I update our portfolio with our latest projects. Once a week, I check our Google Analytics and track specific statistics. For a more tedious clean up, I use the following guidelines.


Does your homepage clearly state what your organization offers? Use imagery, headlines, and statements to clearly illustrate what you do. Your homepage should have an obvious call-to-action as well. For example, the first thing you see on our homepage is our tagline, “Creating Nonprofit Brands That Inspire Donors to Give”. We create brands for nonprofits that increase donor giving. Does that resonate with you and your organization? Right below the statement is a button to contact us. See what we did there?



How does your website look on a mobile view? Website builders, such as WordPress, allow you to view your website in a mobile or tablet view while on the Customization page.

mobile friendly website

social media

Are all of your active social media accounts linked to your website? Don’t forget to do this, so that you can increase your rank in search results and direct visitors to see your awesome social media posts too. Link the social media platforms that you frequently update. If you haven’t tweeted since 2012, do you still want it on your website?

check your links

This can be a cumbersome task, but it is so important to keep up with your links. Links come and go, but the last thing you want is your visitors to be turned away by broken links on your website. Do you have any old events linked on your website? You can also install WordPress plugins that do the dirty work for you. Here is a list of plugins to check out.

ask for help

You may be the only one on your team making website edits, therefore you may become accustomed to the way something looks or reads. Ask a coworker or friend to take a look and review your site with a fresh pair of eyes.

☐ Is your imagery relevant still?
☐ Is your messaging still accurate?
☐ Are all of your products or services visible on your site?
☐ Are staff member listings up to date?
☐ Is it easy to navigate to your contact information?
☐ Are there any dates or events that need to be removed or updated?

So there you have it – my tips for keeping your website up-to-date. A just for good measure, here is one final piece of advice. If you can make these updates on a quarterly basis, your website will become much more effective and the task of making website updates will feel a lot less daunting! I’d love to hear any tips you have!

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