First Impressions: Annake’s Start at Scott Allen Creative

Hello everyone! How are we doing tonight? If you’ve been following our social media pages I bet I know what you’re thinking. Who let the blonde in? Why is she always drinking chai tea and talking about dogs? Didn’t she just graduate? How’d she get here?

Well, it all started with a dream and a LinkedIn profile. 

I had been applying to a couple of different graphic designer positions in town (meaning I was giving my resume and portfolio to anyone who listened), hoping to land an interview. Scott Allen Creative had an opening and this desperate post-grad applied. A couple of weeks later I received a call from Scott Allen Creative’s President,  Jeff Terpstra, asking me to come in for an interview (eek!).

Fast forward to the first time I walked into the Scott Allen office… late. I had first gone to the wrong building entirely, and when I finally reached the correct location, I was so nervous that I got off on the wrong floor (twice!). Thankfully a kind man in the elevator helped me reach the fourth floor and I finally arrived. Fast forward to two separate interviews and a test project, I was offered a graphic designer position at Scott Allen Creative! Of course, I accepted.

I had no idea what to expect when joining the team. I met a few of the staff throughout the interview process, but I didn’t know how the team would work together. I have to admit, as this was my first big-time job, I was nervous. But one of the things that I noticed right away, was that everyone had a strong level of trust and respect for each other–including me, surprisingly, even though I was brand new to the office. 

I didn’t expect the level of warmth that I see every morning, and how much the team cares for each other. This on its own really made me feel comfortable, and I was able to relax a bit during my first week. 

Jeff, President and Creative Director of Scott Allen Creative, is someone who I can only describe as having a heart of gold. He and the team are so passionate about our clients. It’s clear that the team strives to provide excellence and support for nonprofits. They genuinely want each organization to succeed in the work they are doing in their communities. 

Although there aren’t as many donuts around the office as the website had implied, there is a lot of joy and patience–two things I didn’t expect to see at a creative agency–and I for one am so grateful for that.

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