How to get Hired at Scott Allen Creative

How to get Hired at Scott Allen Creative

My Creative Director, Nicole, and I had a very interesting chat today about what it takes to get hired at a marketing or creative agency. The discussion came up because Nicole is reviewing senior portfolios this week. These seniors are aspiring to get jobs in creative advertising this spring.


Nicole was asking me about what to look for in a senior’s portfolio and how she can best prepare them for their upcoming job interviews with prospective employers.


If you are a student the thought of an interview can be nerve-racking. They are about to find out whether dedicating themselves to four years at the university was worth their money, time, and investment. I know the anxiety because I was a student walking the streets of Grand Rapids lugging a 2’ x 3′ black portfolio case weighing 35 lbs. (This was in the 1980s before digital portfolios existed.)


My conversation with Nicole landed on discussing what to look for when interviewing someone. Obviously, the basic requirements that we need are intelligence and creativity. But there are a lot of people out there who fit these criteria. So what else captures our attention in an interview?


We came up with four ‘must haves’ when hiring:



This seems incredibly obvious, but none of us want to work with someone who is bitter or angry. We want to work with someone who enjoys others, who can become a friend, a collaborator in creating meaningful campaigns for our clients.



A person needs to have some common sense which means sound judgment in practical matters. For example, be socially aware and know how to treat people respectfully and with kindness.



We want to work with people who genuinely care about others, who are good listeners, who desire to put others first. Mix a good heart together with a bit of “Joy de Vivre” (joy of life, as the French would say) and you have someone who is fun to work with.



You can always teach skills and a person can always grow in knowledge, but passion is a condition of the heart. Passion inspires us to learn. Passion inspires us to do whatever it takes to give our best for our clients.


Remember, #passioninspires


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