how we created the
dwelling place appeal

Our team was over the moon when Dwelling Place told us they wanted their year-end appeal to be out-of-the-box; literally. We were throwing around ideas of pop-up cards and I think the word confetti was blurted out at one point. As creatives, our job was to organize this excitement and produce an appeal that would launch their new brand in a celebratory fashion, but also act as a marketing piece to maximize donor engagement. Not to give away the magic, but here’s a step-by-step of how we accomplished just that. 

(If you like to get straight to the point, scroll to the bottom to see this beauty in motion)


Commonly used in website and app design, wireframes worked wonderfully for this project. A few hours of research and lots of cutting and folding scrap paper led us to these four options. We took these wireframes to printers to see what was plausible with the budget. There was a clear winner!

Mini Mock-ups

The design always reflects the content. Dwelling Place requested the appeal have a celebratory theme. This, combined with the opening house effect, perfectly embodied their mission: Dwelling Place improves the lives of people by creating quality affordable housing, providing essential support services and serving as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization. This process of printing and checking was a great way to make sure the appeal stayed on mission.

Final Touches

As we neared the final proof, Dwelling Place requested extra time and space for the board members to write personal notes on these appeals. With the donors in mind, we made sure that the return on these appeals would be well worth the effort! Did you receive one of these fun appeals in the mail? If not, be sure to contact Dwelling Place to donate or sign up to volunteer. This organization is truly a staple of West Michigan and we are blessed to have the opportunity to work with them!

Be wary of flying confetti in the next piece…

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