is white font good or bad?

Our office recently caught wind of a design debate. The issue? Whether or not brands should design anything with white text. Our staff of designers and marketers are all for using white text on a dark background. Here is a list of 3 reasons why.

1.  It’s not hard to read.

The key here is contrast. There are definitely times when white text won’t work if the contrast isn’t there. One of these examples is easier to read than the other. Be smart about which color you choose as the background. A lighter background with white text will be harder to read than a dark background.

There are tools out there to help with figuring out how much contrast you should use if you are unsure. Here are links to a couple:


2. Everyone is doing it.

Why would world-renowned brands, like Nike and Twitter, use white text if it was a bad idea? After all, they have hired the best agencies in the world to do their marketing.

3. It’s beautiful.

Using white text looks great when it’s done right. It’s not as traditional (and we think this is why people hesitate using it) but it makes the text pop. Look here to see brochures and collateral that have won awards. You’ll notice that many of the pieces use white text (even as body copy).

4. People like it.

We conducted a poll on our social media platforms to see how many people prefer white text over dark text. Here are the results:Hopefully, after reading this, white text can be a design option for your brand and the debate can be put to rest.


Hopefully, we crushed your misconceptions about using it because it’s not hard to read, world-renowned brands do it, it’s a beautiful option and people like it.

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