Mix In Some Laughter

Mix In Some Laughter

I have realized something recently – I have neglected a very important aspect of life: laughter.

I could use more of it.

Sometimes I am way too serious. Do I have enough cares? Check. Do I have enough hard times? Check. Do you I have enough responsibilities? Double check. All these weighty things have a way of quenching spontaneous joy.

I am not talking about some giddy response to the serious things of life. I just simply desire to purposely seek out more moments of  laughter with those I love.


Someone once said to me, “Your friends are those you laugh with.” The people I remember best from my lifetime are those whose presence brought some joy.


We are attracted to laughter. Like a magnet it pulls us in. When I hear someone laughing in a nearby room I want to go and find out what they are laughing about. What’s so funny? I want to be a part of it.


So, in my need to balance my life with some laughter I am trying something new. This week, each night before I go to bed, I am purposely ending my day with laughter. While my wife is next to me in bed, scrolling on Facebook, I am watching comedians on YouTube. Their humor lifts my heart. After a day full of concerns, laughter shifts my heart into a different gear. A few nights ago I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. And last night, my wife was tired and she admonished me, “I don’t mind if you keep watching, but you can’t laugh out loud or you will keep me awake.” She went asleep hearing my suppressed laughter turned into quiet grunts.


I am encouraged because I think the idea is spreading. Last night I came home to my family sitting around the kitchen table and my wife was reading jokes to our children. There is no better sound than to hear my children’s laughter.


So today, I hope your day possesses the inspiration of a smile … and the gift of laughter.


Remember, #passioninspires




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