our design process for
camp tatiyee’s new logo

The Design Process

We believe that logo design is always a creative challenge that sparks innovation. After our team became inspired by Camp Tatiyee’s mission, our designers went to work analyzing their competition, identifying what sets this camp apart from the rest, and becoming engrossed in the stories of campers, families, and staff.

The inspiration behind this logo design ultimately came from the iconic scout badge symbol, an emblem that many associate with the nostalgia of summer camp.

While it may seem like an obvious choice, it means so much to those at Camp Tatiyee. Here, campers have special needs. This camp badge represents the things they get to do just like everyone else. It’s a reminder that camp is for people of all abilities.

Camp Tatiyee’s mission is best depicted in the smiles of their campers. To capture this radiating joy within the design, our team incorporated a sun to represent the positive impact of Camp Tatiyee on campers and counselors alike.

The Psychology of Color

Color selection is serious business when it comes to engaging branding. We were very purposeful in the decision to use warm yellow and orange tones for Camp Tatiyee’s badge logo. We were also wary of the competition’s use of red and blue and steered away from that palette.

Yellow draws our minds to warm summer days, bright, shining, and filled with the joyous little victories that make summer camp so exciting. Orange is associated with enthusiasm, creativity, determination, and success – actions brought out of each camper and counselor during their time at camp. Together this iconic color duo sends a strong brand message that speaks to the life-changing experience of Camp Tatiyee.  

What originally started as an inspiring challenge for our design team concluded with a logo that embodies the heartwarming passions of Camp Tatiyee’s campers and counselors.

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