our favorite donut shops
in grand rapids

Let’s face it. At Scott Allen Creative, donuts inspire. Who doesn’t love starting their day off or removing their creative block with a delicious donut? Donuts help us, help you. Let our team tell you the top donut shops in Grand Rapids.

Steenstra’s Donuts in Grandville is my favorite place to grab donuts before work.

My favorite place is Sandy’s Donuts — a West Side GR tradition. 🙂

Marge’s Donut Den has my vote! I have to represent the Wyoming area of course. My favorite donut you ask? Long John with the custard filling– NOT the weird frosting filling.

Either Marge’s or The Donut Conspiracy. The old-fashioned glaze is my favorite. 🙂

My go-to is Marge’s as well. But Donut Conspiracy has some great options if you’re looking for some more unique donut options. 

My favorite donut has chocolate frosting with custard in the middle. I love all donut shops, but I am on the hunt to find my favorite still.

Are you hungry yet? If you go to Steenstra’s, Sandy’s, Donut Conspiracy or Marge’s, you’ll be set. Happy National Donut Day!

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