The Scott Allen Creative Factory

We are a group of passionate creatives with a time-tested, results-driven process to create nonprofit brands that inspire donors to give.

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Our Process

We use research to become ambassadors of your mission. That research inspires us to generate ideas.

We admit, not all ideas are great, so we have a method of filtering those so only the aha moments make it to the next stage: brand magic. What happens here is classified. (After all, magicians don’t reveal all of their tricks!)

Then we go through another rigorous round of quality control, where only the best-of-the-best ideas are produced into brand assets.

What do you get at the end of this process? A brand that inspires. An inspiring brand will increase donations, attract new talent, and unify communications to help your mission grow!

Our Process
Research Brainstorm Brand Magic Branding Digital Video Donor Engagement The Good Stuff


Our creative process starts with you! We conduct interviews with clients, staff, donors, volunteers, and board members to learn about your story, mission, challenges, and goals. Audits assess your current branding, messaging, collateral, website, and social media. We even audit your competition to ensure your brand will fit a unique niche. At the end of this very thorough process, we are experts on your nonprofit.


The Scott Allen Creative team, now experts on your mission, has multiple brainstorming sessions to produce varying ideas, with the goal of communicating your brand’s mission to clients and donors. These sessions mostly include collaborations over notes, transcriptions, sketchbooks, whiteboards, and reports, but one thing is always certain...they are always powered by coffee and donuts.

Brand Magic

Classified Scott Allen Creative information.
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Your brand is more than your logo (although that is a huge part of it). Your brand is every aspect of your nonprofit that people interact with. It's design – logo, fonts, collateral, digital presence. It's messaging – voice and tone, key messages, tagline. It's an experience – how people feel when they visit the office, navigate the website, or make their first gift. It’s a daunting project to tackle, but we at Scott Allen Creative are brand experts, and we’re up to the challenge.


In this day and age, the digital experience is a crucial element of your brand. How user-friendly is your website? How easy is it to donate online? How relevant is your social media? How streamlined are your email campaigns? How are you utilizing Google for Nonprofits? We integrate each of these pieces (and more) into nonprofit brands. We showcase the passion behind your organization as we work with you to develop a website, plan social media, strengthen SEO, and target audiences through digital campaigns that inspire.


Want someone to experience what your organization is all about in just a few minutes? Video is one of the best ways to share your brand’s story. It evokes emotion and inspires in a way that no other medium can. We produce compelling videos that tell your story in the most authentic style. This valuable resource can be used for events, social media, websites, donor meetings, board meetings, and the list goes on!

Donor Engagement

Does your collateral truly reflect your brand? It will by the end of this process! Whether someone is reading a newsletter, annual report, brochure, appeal, flyer, or anything else you can dream up, they will connect with your nonprofit. The messaging will unite. The visuals will engage. The brand will spark passion.

The Good Stuff

So what kind of ROI will you see when you partner with Scott Allen Creative to strengthen your brand? Good question! This process is time-tested and has proven to unify communications, increase donations, and attract ambassadors to help grow your mission.

If you see this and say, “Hey, I need those!” please shoot us an email at hello@scottallencreative to start the wheels turning on your own process!