Family Promise of Grand Rapids



Family Promise of Grand Rapids partners with families facing a housing crisis. Through temporary and permanent housing, case management and mentoring, parents begin to create a more stable life for their children.


Through research, we realized Family Promise of GR lacked awareness and that many people have negative feelings about homelessness. Family Promise of GR overcame this with a new identity reflecting the voice and imagery of children. Audiences became engaged, understood their mission and wanted to help children who weren’t responsible for their housing crisis.


It’s about the children

Homelessness is an issue that stirs up many negative feelings with people. To better understand homelessness and the circumstances leading up to a housing crisis, we interviewed staff and clients of Family Promise who have experienced this firsthand.

What we discovered is that their situation really wasn’t a whole lot different than ours. Many client families had savings, jobs and houses until a job loss, medical issue or divorce began the downward spiral leading to their housing crisis.

What came up repeatedly was how, “It’s all about the children.”

Parents worried about how their housing crisis would impact their kids. Staff saw how children’s optimistic spirits gave their parents hope. It’s difficult to transfer negative feelings about a situation to children who are not responsible for it, especially when their hopefulness, optimism and innocence is a source of inspiration.

With that in mind, we shifted Family Promise’s identity to children. By describing the organization’s services from the perspective of a child, Family Promise’s purpose and impact became clear to stakeholders, resulting in higher awareness, volunteers and donors.

I always had an idea of what Family Promise did, but after seeing their new marketing materials, I understood them on a whole new level. It became so clear the impact they’re having on children.”
- Foundation Chairperson



Brand Identity

Family Promise’s identity creates an emotional connection by using a child’s perspective to illustrate the organization’s purpose and impact.


By developing this tagline, we helped to increase awareness about what Family Promise does.



A Child’s Journey

A child shares how Family Promise helped him and his mama from homelessness to home ownership.