Habitat for Humanity of Kent County

About This Project

We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Kent County for numerous projects. Here are our favorite 2 campaigns.


The project was for Habitat’s capital campaign, Bright Futures Campaign in which Habitat’s goal was to develop and renovate homes in Roosevelt Park. We created invites to the public launch as well as other supporting collateral. The public launch event was an enormous success, shattering all expectations.


The second project is Building Blocks, in which we created an identity that can be interpreted in numerous ways, all holding true to the impact of Habitat in Kent County: A: Habitat is selecting specific neighborhood blocks to target revitalization efforts. B: By donating, you are putting the building blocks in place, setting the foundation for Habitat’s future. C: Building blocks represent a child’s toy, representing the children impacted by Habitat’s neighborhood revitalization efforts


By simplifying key messages, refining their follow-up process and sharing the message through TV, print, outdoors and referrals, Habitat increased their number of prequalified applicants by 650% in four months.

“Thank you for your skills and timely work. Our event on Tuesday is looking like it will be wonderful, and our guests will be taking away these memorable publications…and our community will have a bright future!”

-Ann O’Keefe, Resource Development, Habitat for Humanity