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Paws With A Cause enhances the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities through custom-trained Assistance Dogs. What started by training a dog to alert a deaf friend to his crying child, has grown into a national organization.


As PAWS shifted their donor relations strategy, they needed to be more strategic with their branding and communications. By shifting PAWS’ identity from the dog to the Assistance Dog Team, we helped illustrate PAWS’ life changing impact, engaging stakeholders on a deeper level.


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We interviewed staff, board members, donors, clients and volunteers to seize the passion guiding PAWS, issues against them and opportunities that were available. Our research report addressed both operational and communication issues, offering insights on how to guide their brand, strengthen relationships, increase funding and streamline administrative procedures.


As a result, the staff came together to revise their mission statement and core values so they were a stronger reflection of PAWS. Staff felt empowered to share their ideas on how to improve administrative functions, communications and relationships.


As a result, donations increased, communications were strengthened and stakeholders became more engaged with PAWS. These interviews guided the look and content of PAWS’ brand communications. We infused their materials with stories – something we learned stakeholders wanted more of. Then we went a step further by capturing more engaging photographs that visually told a story.


We completely reformatted PAWS’ 16-page newsletter by reducing it to 6 pages by using shorter stories, fast facts and imagery with a storytelling element. This reduced printing costs significantly and readers commented about how they liked the new format and now read the entire newsletter.


You Needed Me
PAWS Volunteer, Ellen Herlache-Pretzer 

PAWS For Fun - Biggby Card

PAWS for Fun - ARCHER Lies Down

Erin & MORK - Safety Net

PAWS For Work - Emily

PAWS For Work - Sara

Jenny and NEMO

PAWS For Work - Barb

PAWS For Work - Crystal


PAWS’ staff said their website “was stuck in the 90’s.” We brought it to this decade by improving functionality and making the site responsive for computers, tablets and smart phones.


We worked closely with staff to develop content for the site. The enhanced content and forms reduced staff administration. Stories and photography engaged visitors. Improved donor functions helped PAWS raise $10,000 within the first week of its launch.