Vertical Youth



During our nine-year partnership with Grand Rapids First, we worked with multiple ministries including Vertical Youth. This ministry invests in the lives of teens to strengthen friends, find purpose and go higher in their relationships with God.

Under a new leadership and communications strategy, Vertical Youth grew from 175 to 600 students in three years.

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Go Vertical

During a brainstorming session with the pastors of GR First, we found the need to create an identity for Vertical Youth. We wanted students to connect with the identity, while communicating the purpose of the ministry – deepening their relationship with God. The result?

Go Vertical.


By using vertical as a synonym for up, we were able to convey many concepts: Growing up closer to God, Go to God, vertical = up = positive


We used original photography, textures and bolds headlines to develop a vibrant personality that was engaging, joyful and student-focused. By photographing teens in their element, we captured expressions of excitement and exuberance. Nothing posed, just raw emotion. In essence, this personality personified the experience of Vertical Youth students. It brought life and put a face on the heart of an effective ministry.