How to Reach Your Donors Online for Giving Tuesday

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how to reach your donors
online for giving tuesday

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Is your organization ready for Giving Tuesday? Do you realize how big of a deal Giving Tuesday really is?

Last year on Giving Tuesday:

  • 4+ million donations were made
  • $511 million was raised online
  • 20 billion social media impressions of #GivingTuesday (source)

    So, yeah, it’s a big deal.

1. make donations forms easy to use

Does your organization have an online donation form? Is it easy to use? We came across an easy-to-use donation form called Donor Box. It’s free and it has a modern look. You can hook up Donor Box to your PayPal account, or set up a Stripe account to accept credit card payments online.

Did you know donors are 6x more likely to give when a donation form is branded? Donor Box allows you to set your brand color and add your logo.

With Donor Box, you can set donation amounts, campaign goals, and minimum donation amounts. Donors also have the option to leave a comment with their donation.

They make it easy to collect information such as an address, phone, and employment info. Want your donors to have the option to donate weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually? You can do that too!

Want 100% of a gift to go directly to your mission? You can ask donors to cover the processing fee. Last year, 72% of processing fees were covered by donors.

^ you do not want this to happen.

2. attract donors on social media

You will be competing with organizations like crazy. So, you have to stand out. But how?

Keep it short & simple.
Your post should say what you need to say in the amount of time it takes for a donor to scroll past your post. Stick to 280 characters or less.

Don’t forget photo & video.
Catch your donors’ eyes with photo and video. Demonstrate how their donation will directly impact people.

Don’t have time to post?
Use Hootsuite to schedule out your posts. Talk about a lifesaver!

3. donate on facebook

Any nonprofit can add a donate button to their page header and ads directing people to donate to their website.

Eligible nonprofits can also add a donate button to Page posts, Page header, and live video to allow people to donate directly on Facebook with a few taps. Learn more about eligibility.

Fundraisers enable people to raise money for your nonprofit on Facebook. Your supporters can set up a dedicated page to share their story, tell others about your mission, and rally around a fundraising goal. Learn more about eligibility.

Click here for steps on how to set up your donate button.

4. use a message bot

We know you have a busy job. Replying to messages can be difficult on a busy day like Giving Tuesday. MobileMonkey is a pretty neat message bot for Facebook. Set yours up (for free) to help keep donations moving on Giving Tuesday.

So there you have it – a few ways you can reach your donors online this Giving Tuesday.
Do you have other suggestions? Let us know!

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