Silence Inspires Creativity and Answers

Silence Inspires Creativity and Answers

I woke up and looked out my window and saw this beautiful scene. My backyard. In my heart, I thanked my father who chose this location to build the home that I live in today.

The only sound I heard was the soft water running in the nearby stream. I breathed deeply and realized I don’t enjoy these kinds of moments enough.

Silence. For me, it’s been so elusive.


Sadly, I don’t allow myself the pleasure of silence. There are always demands on my life. People around me need attention. Work and family commitments are constant. And when I have some moments to spare, I confess that I fill them with anything but silence. Instead, they are filled with constant noise, the enemy of silence.


We need to be refreshed.


We become weary and stressed. We run on empty. Our minds, emotions, and bodies need to be refueled. Instead of spending our energy, we need moments to breathe deeply and receive. We need to listen to our hearts and to the heart of God.

Here’s where we can become inspired.


Inspiration has a difficult time entering a life filled with activity. I find inspiring ideas and creativity are welcomed into these moments of silence. When I sit in my chair at night or am dreaming or taking a walk in the woods – that is where I am inspired. I find creativity and answers to problems. Winston Churchill once said that he found inspiration for his speeches when he was away from the noise and laying bricks for his cottage. “I have had a delightful month building a cottage and dictating a book: 200 bricks and 2,000 words a day.”


I can find inspiration when the thousands of voices I hear every week can, for a few moments, be silenced. So, today I am going to give myself that privilege. The precious gift of purposely spending moments alone. To find refreshment and inspiration.


Do you find inspiration in silence? How do you find inspiration? Please share your thoughts with us.


Remember, #passioninspires


Jeff Terpstra


Jeff is the President
at Scott Allen Creative
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