A Logical Process for a Sweet Client

A Logical Process for a Sweet Client

It’s always a wonderful feeling to deliver the final product to a grateful and happy client. In our case, the product was a logo design.

There is a logical process that precedes the creative work, believe it or not. Creatives still need to have a tinge of left-brain (All creatives cringe here). Everyone’s process is different and it can vary from project to project. It was a little more unique for Sweet House Foundation.

The first thing we do with any logo design is to ask questions: What is your story? Why do you do you need our services? Why a logo design? What colors do you love and hate? Who’s your target audience? Use five adjectives to describe The Sweet House Foundation’s personality. 

From these questions and a little research, we write a creative brief that acts as a blueprint for the designers working on the project.

We found out that Sweet House was in need of their own identity. A local women’s club, who had occupied the Sweet House building, recently moved out, so the timing for a logo was perfect.

The Sweet House has a unique story- named after Martin L. Sweet, a colorful character and the first Republican mayor of Grand Rapids. He first came to the city in the mid-1840’s and established himself not only as mayor, but as a miller, farmer, and owner of Sweet’s Hotel, later the Pantlind and the Amway Grand Plaza. He dabbled in a variety of businesses and was known to have the first Holstein-Friesian cattle ever to come to Michigan. He bred the livestock on a farm which is now part of the Kent Country Club. Sweet died in 1905.

Originally built by 19th-century-grain merchant Martin Sweet, the Sweet House Foundation intends to keep the history of the house alive and open to members of the public. Sweet built the four-story, 9,000-square-foot Italianate house in the 1860s. It is the last remaining original home of one of the “great movers and shakers” of Grand Rapids.

Learning the history of the Sweet House, we knew we had to incorporate it into the brand. We went and took pictures of every detail of the building from the fireplace, to the wallpaper, to the pillows and trim. It inspired us to come up with options for the logo that we felt honored the history of the building and Martin Sweet. The colors we saw also inspired us but we wanted to add a touch of modernity to the look and create a logo that will last the test of time.

We also googled different brands that reflected the same flavor we were looking for. A brand that inspired us throughout the process was the Palihouse. This brand honors history and vintage style while staying relevant and attractive. You must check them out.

After all our research, here are some options we offered the client as well as the final logo chosen. Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

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