Through His Eyes

Through His Eyes

So I’ll admit that I was a bit jealous of Jeff and Nicole. Jeff recently returned from a trip to Arizona and Nicole just visited Ireland and Scotland (and I LOVE Scotland). In the past I’ve been blessed with some amazing travel opportunities, but I’m just at a point in my life right now where staying closer to home is the right thing for me and my family. And a few weeks ago I was reminded how good this can be.

It’s become an annual tradition to camp with my in-laws at Young State Park. This was the first time my little guy was old enough to really experience what camping is all about. Seeing things through his eyes gave me a whole new appreciation for the things I often take for granted.

For instance, I love the beach. But I certainly don’t get excited about it the way Dawson does. I mean, just look at the picture and see for yourself. When’s the last time you were that excited for anything?! There’s something to be said for the genuine emotion kids show and I honestly wish we didn’t lose that as we aged (well, I suppose it’s good we don’t typically see adults writhing on the floor having a tantrum).

So even though I’ve been camping at YSP for over a decade, seeing things through Dawson’s eyes made it feel like a brand new experience, and that’s pretty special too.



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