Tips to Stay On Task

Tips to Stay On Task


Sometimes the hardest part about work can be just staying on task. You’re scheduling social media posts for the week, then you get pulled into a meeting about something else, then you remember you need to work on a newsletter, all while trying to fundraise for your organization.

We’ve been there. We get it. So, we came up with a simple list of ways to help you stay on task (it was a nice refresher for us too).


Write a list

Getting your priorities on paper can help get it out of your head and allow you to move one to the next thing efficiently once you finish a task


Give yourself a time limit

Set aside a limited amount of time to power through one thing. Get as far as you can in 30 min. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, just get it as far as you can. Sometimes it’s actually better than you think.  


Set a “no interruption” time or work offsite

Designate certain time for a project and mark it in your calendar. A calendar event will remind you and your coworkers that you are busy during this time or work out of the office. This will minimize distractions so you can focus.


Use airplane mode

Put that phone on airplane mode. Gasp! Yes, we give you permission. Remove the distractions of incoming emails, texts, social, etc. for a short period of time.

What’s your secret to staying on task? We would love to hear.

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