why research is important

At Scott Allen Creative, we believe research is a crucial first step in the rebranding process. Research guides our logo design, copywriting, and campaign planning.
Here are the insights we seek to gain throughout our research

#1 Discover you

When rebranding, it is important for us to know who you are as a company. We want to discover your strengths, your heart, your passion. We want to create branding that truly reflects who you are and research is the first step to finding that.

#2 Learn how you are viewed in the marketplace

During our research, we want to learn how your organization is viewed by clients, staff, and other stakeholders. What does your organization do well? What could be improved? We want to find the positive brand perceptions people already have of your organization and capitalize on them. We also want to find any barriers and create messaging to break them down.

#3 Take a look at competitors

The final piece of our research is accessing the branding elements of your competitors. We look at their logos and note the colors used, typefaces, and other graphic elements. We also read messaging to access the tone and word usage. We use this information to give your organization a unique branding presence that will stand out when compared to the competition.

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