Why You Should Invest in Your Brand

Why You Should Invest in Your Brand

Jeff Terpstra, our fearless leader, will be presenting a discussion on, “Why You Should Invest in Your Brand”. Join us at the Johnson Center on Wednesday, January 30th from 11:30 am-1: 00 pm.

In his talk, Jeff will share how to spot signs that a brand is in need of some help. This discussion will provide an empathy-centered approach to revitalize struggling brands.

At Scott Allen Creative, we’re inspired by passion and this is the energy that we commit to each of our clients. We start by unpacking their cause and looking a little closer at the people that inspire their work. We tap into their fundamental ambitions and crafting them into a story that can ultimately inspire a community of individuals to stand behind a cause.

A Hero’s Journey is a classic method of empathy-based storytelling that has repeated itself over and over again in history.

What makes it work?


It’s simply the audience’s ability to understand the hero and experience their situation as deeply as they do. Every nonprofit has a hero, and more often than not, the hero is their clients and the community they serve. One of the hardest stages of creating a message that strikes the hearts of donors is discovering their hero’s journey. This inspirational talk will provide brands with the opportunity to create a shared connection between their donors and the heroes they are supporting.

Beliefs are the ties that bring people together. Showcasing a hero’s story that donors can empathize with is the first step to creating an impactful heart connection. Experience shows that this approach sets the stage for a meaningful brand experience that resonates throughout a community.

Investing in your brand’s potential is investing in your hero. With this deepened understanding of a brand, we feel that nonprofits are setting themselves up for a future of loyal donors and mindful branding.

We encourage you to join us for Why You Should Invest in Your Brand, in hopes that the new perspectives you gain will allow your brand’s passion to inspire.

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  • Corey Niemchick
    Posted at 11:21h, 24 January Reply

    Your brand is everything. From personal branding to your business, its the first impression. It’s that initial connection. It communicates what clients can expect from you; quality of work, integrity, credibility, creativity and so much more. Scott Allen Creative is a quiet powerhouse that delivers. They developed our brand to where now our logo has become as recognizable, if not more, than our business name. When clients see our logo, they know the quality of work, the trusted and internally recognized team of creatives behind it, and the impact our visual communications deliver.

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