Write Like Apple

Write Like Apple

Writing is more than putting words on paper. It’s creating a voice. It’s creating an experience. It’s painting a picture in someone’s mind. So, who does this well? Why Apple, of course!


Their copy is a perfect reflection of their brand. Simple, clean and straightforward. They keep things conversational by using simple language and active verbs. They draw you in by focusing a single feature. Instead of just describing the product, they paint a picture of how it meets a need. I mean, can’t a girl just listen to her music without the hassle earbud wires? Hello, AirPods!


Whether you’re an individual, a corporation or a nonprofit, we can all use tips on how to write copy like Apple. Check out this link for more tips! http://blog.kissmetrics.com/write-copy-like-apple/


Remember, #passioninspires


– Rachel

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