You Know You’re A Working Parent When …

You Know You’re A Working Parent When …

I feel you, Kermit. That’s exactly how I feel every time I walk out the door with my kids! I’m blessed to work in a company that allows me to blend my work and personal life together. Since kids have come into my world, I’ve had some unexpected experiences when my two worlds blend together. So, here’s just a few of those examples.

 1. You plug in your laptop at the office and try to remove the outlet protector
2. You pull out a coloring book out from your purse instead of a notebook
3. You offer coworkers the snacks in your bag when they get hangry
4. Loading up your car involves 5 bags, 2 kids and you still forget something important – like your sanity
5. Instead of humming today’s latest hit song, you find yourself humming a cartoon theme song

If any of these things have happened to you, just know that we’re in this together.
What other experiences can you add to this list?

Remember, #passioninspires

– Rachel

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