jeff terpstra


“Buy whatever you want.” I looked up at my dad and wondered why he would make such a generous offer? With a disabled wife and seven children to care for, my dad never had extra money to spend. As we walked out of the store with art supplies and How to Draw books in hand, I didn’t even realize the full implications of what my father had done. He had opened the world of art to me and from that day on it was mine. It is in gratitude to my father and many others who believed in me that I dedicate Scott Allen Creative to investing in those who have a dream worth believing in.

get to know jeff terpstra

Why do you love your job?

We get to develop brands for so many amazing people who give their lives to benefit others. Our clients are the real heroes and I’m so grateful that I can use my gifts of art and communication to speak on their behalf!

Authors that have changed your career?

David Ogilvy and Mary Wells Lawrence. David taught me that it is prudent to listen before I speak and that proper research is absolutely necessary to create meaningful brands. Mary spoke to me about bringing passion to a brand.

Favorite color?

Now my favorite color is orange. Orange is so full of energy, vibrancy and life! And, since I am the old guy on the team, this seems to be more important to me than ever before!