4 ways to make your fundraising more adaptable

With summer approaching and COVID-19 restrictions loosening, it appears that things are slowly returning to “normal,” but what does that mean exactly? If this past year has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. As we all adjust to the new normal it’s important to remember that adaptable fundraising efforts can serve as a […]

targeting generation z as they enter the nonprofit world

Reaching 82 billion members, Generation Z is on its way to becoming the largest consumer generation out there. Gen Z includes those born from 1996 to today, with the oldest Gen Zers turning 25 this year. As these members near the golden age to become regular donors, it opens up a door of opportunity for nonprofit organizations. What […]

what you need to know about planned giving

Planned giving is something most nonprofits have, but don’t put as much effort into growing it as they should. Why? It seems like a very complicated and daunting task. Nonprofit employees are already wearing a million hats and certain priorities inevitably get pushed further and further down the to-do list. Setting up a planned giving […]

unify with your why

Does it feel like you’re saying the same thing time and time again, but the message isn’t getting through? And we’re not talking about those you work with (we’re not gonna get into that) – we are talking about your donors. unify the message The thing is, you may be communicating the same message consistently, […]

7 Principles of Nonprofit Marketing

Scott Allen Creative uses these timeless principles for developing nonprofit communications that build meaningful and engaging relationships with target audiences. #1 Perception is a Reality How a person perceives an organization – accurate or not – is their reality. Nonprofits need to use this as an impetus for self-evaluation, change and an opportunity to transform […]