Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 12 | Best Market Research

Internal Research.

Quantitative research is important because it provides metrics and data that is hard to refute. It measures the effectiveness of campaigns or audience size or how many people like the color fuchsia in a proposed new logo. “The people have spoken, we must give them what they want!”

Surveys are the most effective way to obtain feedback on an event, service, or product your organization provides.  We are not opposed to this type of market research.

But, we are fans of qualitative research, particularly one method.

Qualitative research provides valuable insights and helps an organization guide messaging or brand statements.  

How do you conduct research to gather and find what you are truly looking for? Look within your organization.

Two ways to conduct internal research:

#1 Do a brand audit

Examine your current messaging or brand. All aspects of them.
Ask questions like:

  • Is the design simple and beautiful?
  • Is the design complicated and clunky?
  • Is the messaging powerful or engaging?
  • What appears to be working or not working?

Keep what you can but recognize what needs to go from your brand.  

#2 Conduct one-on-one interviews

This is our favorite! This is better than gathering research through focus groups. A focus group can be helpful, but can also deter people’s responses by what the majority of the group thinks. Someone may not truly speak their mind due to the influence of other people or feel their answers are not valuable.

That is why one-on-one interviews are the most effective way to gather the qualitative research you are looking for. This is where you can discover your belief, your hero, or how you can best make an impact in the world.

But who do you interview?

Take a sample from each stakeholder group. A slice of every aspect of the organization – board members, staff, executive leadership, clients, donors, volunteers. Their words will guide you.

The interviews help provide the understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing. It gets to the heart of the organization more clearly.

And if you ask the right questions, or dig deep enough, you will receive the most authentic answers.

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