Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 14 | Expert Research: A Case Study

Learn from the experts. In the realm of market research, looking to experts can provide invaluable guidance. By understanding what industry leaders are saying, we can align our strategies with current trends and societal attitudes.  Why is it important to study experts? Because they offer insights that can refine our mission and enhance our impact, […]

Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 13 | Two Ways for External Research

Look before jumping into the creative. We get it, the creative is the fun aspect of marketing. It is what’s inspiring. It’s the thing that gets noticed the most. This is what makes people react to. The power of creativity is moving. It gets the most attention. Attention = $ (donations) But, what needs to […]

Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 12 | Best Market Research

Internal Research. Quantitative research is important because it provides metrics and data that is hard to refute. It measures the effectiveness of campaigns or audience size or how many people like the color fuchsia in a proposed new logo. “The people have spoken, we must give them what they want!” Surveys are the most effective […]

Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 11 | Get Your Messaging Right

“How are we alike?” One of the first things we do in marketing is look at all the outward demographics – age, race, gender, income, geography, etc. We can identify what makes us different from each other and we try to understand how those differences can help us market to other people better. But, what […]

Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 10 | Research Before Design

Creativity. It is a word that evokes a variety of thoughts.Some naturally have it, others want it.  Can anyone be creative? How can you be more creative? What is considered creative? Can it be switched on at a moment’s notice? It can be difficult to truly define it, but we can recognize the characteristics of it when we […]

Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 9 | Nonprofits Greatest Needs

What is your greatest need at your nonprofit? Donor acquisition?Unified message across all departments?New name and brand for the organization?Connecting with a younger generation through social media?Trying to keep the lights on?Saying no to so many things?   Focus. We know the importance of focus in the workplace. When we eliminate distractions (the nagging pings […]

Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 8 | Who Actually is Scott Allen?!

Who is Scott Allen? You may consider Scott Allen Creative to be synonymous with marketing for nonprofits. We are passionate about nonprofits! We desire to see nonprofits thrive through intentional marketing. And we want to be as passionate about your nonprofit as you are! But, despite knowing what Scott Allen Creative is about, you may […]

Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 7 | Creating a Marketing Plan: Step 3

You can only do so much. We are wrapping up with the final step in creating a marketing plan, a roadmap of your organization’s objectives. Finally! We took a little detour on the way and spent some time camping out on step 2 to examine different aspects of prioritizing the needs of an organization.   […]

6 things to consider before picking your font

Fonts are scary, we get it. It seems like there are a million options, so how on earth are you supposed to pick the one for your brand? Before you get overwhelmed and settle for Helvetica, let’s unpack what exactly is in a font.  Sidenote: typface refers to a family of fonts, such as Helvetica. […]

make brand standards your standards

Ever wonder what sets a thriving nonprofit organization apart from its competition? Ever wonder what sets a thriving nonprofit organization apart from its competition? We know that in order to be taken seriously in the nonprofit world, your brand must be consistent and cohesive with its brand standards.  Well, what makes a brand, a brand? […]