Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 7 | Creating a Marketing Plan: Step 3

You can only do so much.

We are wrapping up with the final step in creating a marketing plan, a roadmap of your organization’s objectives. Finally!

We took a little detour on the way and spent some time camping out on step 2 to examine different aspects of prioritizing the needs of an organization.


Step 3: Calendarize

The work has been done to assess all the needs and you have determined what activities are top priority. Now, it is time to map them out on a calendar – whether you white board it, print a blank calendar, or work off a Google calendar. 

Things to include on the calendar:

  1. Any tier 1 activities
  2. All major events
  3. Frequent communication (emails, social, newsletters)
  4. Annual reports, appeals, etc.


As you determine where each item goes on the calendar, you begin to see the broader scope of activities and how they are in relationship with each other. You begin to see the gaps and what departments are competing for your audience’s attention.  

As you place these major activities on the board, begin to work backwards, think logistically by asking:

  • What are your weekly to-dos that lead to your largest goal or priority?
  • What needs to be communicated and when?


By stacking the needs on a calendar and the logistics to get to those main needs, you are essentially creating a Gantt Chart which allows you to see where projects overlap and if there needs to be a shift.  

By having this plan in place, you are better equipped to know where you are going with the marketing, what needs to happen, and if you are within your own capacity to get the work done. 

Remember, you can only do so much. When you can’t do everything, this plan can be presented to leadership to help them understand your capacity, and help with that shift – whether a shift in budget, a shift in to-dos, or a shift in personnel that is needed to accomplish those goals alongside you or your team.

A greater outcome may be mere minutes away!

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