what breed of dog is your brand?

Curious? Read the questions below and pick the number that represents your answer the closest. Keep track of your answers until the end to figure out your dog breed.

1. is your appearance important?

  1. Duh. Have you seen us?!
  2. Looks are definitely important, but not always the top priority.
  3. Pass the brush, this brand needs to be groomed.
  4. We don’t even have a color palette, but hey, looks aren’t everything. 

2. how would you describe your brand's appearance?

  1. Elegant, well groomed, tied together with a pretty bow.
  2. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. As well kept as they come.
  3. Might not catch your eye right away, kinda hard to spot.
  4. So ugly it’s cute.

3. when it comes to loyalty to your clients or customers you are...

  1. Always by their side. They ask, we deliver.
  2. Client says “Jump”, we say, “How high?” then we rollover, sit, fetch, stay…for good measure.
  3. We get a little intimidated upon a large request, but don’t worry it will get done.
  4. Always looking out…ok, might be napping here or there, but other than that you can count on us. 

4. how would you describe the mark you're making in your specific industry?

  1. Organized, polished, and distinguished.
  2. Best in class. Sitting pretty.
  3. Small but mighty.
  4. We get it done, no matter the obstacle.

5. what sets you apart from your competitors?

  1. We are unconventional. No one does it quite like us. 
  2. We do what we do the very best and we know it. 
  3. A loud approach with a sassy and confident execution.
  4. Courage. We’re looking out for your best interest. 

6. what does your brand's voice sound like?

  1. Soft and controlled.
  2. Pronounced and dignified.
  3. Loud and high energy.
  4. Mellow and approachable.

Time for results! If you got...


mostly 1's your brand is most like:

The Standard Poodle

Your branding is well groomed and polished. There’s an elegance about you that sets you apart from your competition. You’re intelligent and loyal. Don’t get too wrapped up in your appearance and make sure your voice is just as strong as your brand.

mostly 2's your brand is most like:

The Golden Retriever

You’re the quintessential brand. Everyone loves you. You’re handsome, loyal, even-tempered, and on the ball. You have to be careful to not get too comfortable where you are at. Challenge yourself by stepping outside your comfort zone. Take a chance – it could change your brand for the better!


mostly 3's your brand is most like:

The Chihuahua

You’re small yet mighty, and your bark is just as loud as your bite. You might be unsuspecting, but your delivery is sharp. Be careful not to let your size get you lost in a crowd. Keep your voice strong, and your peppy personality at the forefront of your brand.

mostly 4's your brand is most like:

The English Bulldog

Ok, so you’re a little funny looking, but hey, that’s what makes you cute. What you lack in looks, you deliver in loyalty and courage. You have your client’s best interests always. You are a lover, not a fighter, and you’ll push through anything to get what you want.


Were you hoping to be more like the poodle? No worries, we can help you with that!

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