Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 3 | Creating a Marketing Plan: Step 1

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!" - Benjamin Franklin

The new calendar year is almost upon us. (Wait, what?! You don’t say!)

This means creating and implementing new goals, habits, and/or ideals for many people. Despite only an 8% success rate in achieving those goals that they set for the new year. But, don’t let that deter you!

This is the time to start something new or reevaluate where your life/your business/your organization is headed.

Do you have a plan for this next year? More specifically, a marketing plan?

Now is a good time to create one or re-evaluate the current one. Set some goals, be proactive in the plan, and break it down into manageable, “chewable” steps.


What is a marketing plan? 

A marketing plan outlines an organization’s overall marketing strategy and specific initiatives for a designated period, usually one year. It serves as a roadmap for achieving marketing objectives and business goals. 

You may have next year’s marketing plan set or it’s 6 months away before you even need to think about it again. 

Either way, we want to provide the first of three steps to creating one. 



Step 1: Scrutinize

Examine closely. Take the time to assess the needs across your organization through each department. Talk to each department head or the leadership team and ask them what their major needs are or if they actually need marketing help.  

Or if time and people are limited, whiteboard the entire list from every aspect of your organization.  

Scrutinize what you already are doing and ask yourself or your team if it’s working. Now is the time of year to get rid of what doesn’t work and implement a new plan to reach those marketing or organizational goals. 

But, figure out every need.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Why does this need to be done?  
  • What can be done to market programs that earn more revenue?
  • How can you market the HR so you can attract the best talent?
  • Where is the financial revenue coming from – earned income or philanthropy? (talk to the CFO to understand the financials better)

Figuring out every need takes time and effort. But, this will set you up for step number 2…

We believe this will be a great year! A greater outcome may be mere minutes away!

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