Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 4 | Creating a Marketing Plan: Step 2

As we continue to discuss marketing plans, check out Step 1, in case you missed it earlier.

Step 2: Prioritize

You only have so much energy, time, and budget. So how do you prioritize your marketing initiatives for this year?

When your resources are limited, it’s critical to create a tiered list based on what will give your nonprofit the greatest ROI (and we are not talking about a Ring of Influence).

Start this year with the top of your list. A few examples:

  • Is it marketing programs so that you can increase your earned revenue?
  • Is it better communicating your impact and values to your major donors and corporate partners?
  • Is it helping your HR department attract and retain better talent?

It’s far more effective to have a few strong marketing activities, and do those really well, rather than spreading yourself out too thin. Be kind to yourself and your team. 

Once you have compiled the list of needs, it’s time to put them into 3 categories of priority.  

Priority 1: Survival 
These are the “must do’s” for your organization.

  • What things need to be done or people need to be approached in order for operations to continue – to keep the lights on and the roof over your head?  
  • Decide the marketing initiatives based on critical financial or program needs.

Priority 2: Strengthen 
These are the “get to do” for your organization.

  • What activities will help maintain and strengthen your organization, but are not crucial to the existence of the organization? 
  • Decide the marketing initiatives that are important, but could be held off until extra funds come in.

Priority 3: Growth

These are the “want to do” in the future.

  • What activities will grow your organization into new territories or as you anticipate expansion?
  • Decide the marketing initiatives that could be implemented in the coming years or when there is a sense of abundance.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is important and what is simply urgent – as they both can feel like a priority. Try implementing the Eisenhower Matrix into your decision making.

Be on the lookout for the final step.

A greater outcome may be mere minutes away!

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