Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 5 | Create a Marketing Plan Based on Limits


Every nonprofit marketing and development team we’ve met has felt the pressure of achieving big goals with limited resources. You might not have enough time, talent or budget. So how do you prioritize what you have to work with?

It can be helpful to define three tiers when prioritizing your needs:

Tier 1

What you absolutely must do in your donor engagement and marketing to keep your mission in the hearts of your valued relationships.

Tier 2 

What you get to do to strengthen relationships and increase donations.

Tier 3

What you want to do to expand your brand awareness and attract new people to your mission.

Hopefully, your marketing plan includes all three tiers. Or, you may be in a season where you only can achieve tier one. Or, you may have had amazing year-end donations and your leadership has increased your budget so you can go after all three tiers. 

Regardless, be kind to yourself and do what you can with what you have. We sometimes can overwhelm ourselves when looking at all the needs of our organization.  It can be emotionally freeing when you create a marketing plan based on the reality of your limitations. 

Always take comfort in knowing that powerful stories that express the heart of your mission and make a genuine human connection will win the day over pushing out a bunch of content.

Where do you feel you are at in your organization in regards to the “Priority Tier”? 

  •   Tier 1 – just trying to survive?
  •   Tier 2 – have some extra budget to strengthen some current projects?
  •   Tier 3 – things are going great, ready to grow?

Identify where you are at and work within your limits.

A greater outcome may be mere minutes away!

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