Scott Allen CreatiVLOG Ep 6 | Pitching to Donors

You don't need more donors, you need that ONE donor.

If you have been reading the last couple newsletters, you know we’ve been focused on how to create a marketing plan.

Step 1: Scrutinize the needs

Step 2: Prioritize the needs

In step 2, how you prioritize can be compared to creating a home budget, where you break your needs down into three tiers.

But, what if you find yourself in survival mode as an organization (tier 1)? How do you pitch to donors when you are just trying to keep the lights on?

This is an incredible challenge that nonprofits face. 

There are many funders that give to programming. But there are not enough donors who understand the need to give just to cover overhead and just to marketing.

So what should you focus on?

Focus on the major donor who already believe in your cause.  

Look at your list of major donors and determine 1-2 who you have a strong relationship with, who also is a business owner. They will understand what it takes to keep things running smoothly, including the marketing that is necessary to grow your organization. 

These donors already believe in your cause, so the pitch doesn’t need to convince them to give. Approach them with this one focus – to consider giving to the basic things that keep your organization going or an upcoming marketing project.

Not saying this will be easy, but nothing is when you are in survival mode. Take a few minutes to think of who that one person is at your organization, then take the necessary steps to connect with them in the coming weeks. If for no other reason than just to build that relationship.

A greater outcome may be mere minutes away!

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