4 ways to make your fundraising more adaptable

With summer approaching and COVID-19 restrictions loosening, it appears that things are slowly returning to “normal,” but what does that mean exactly? If this past year has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. As we all adjust to the new normal it’s important to remember that adaptable fundraising efforts can serve as a bridge between your nonprofit and your donors, pandemic or not.  

Here are four ways to adapt your fundraising

1. Spread the Word About Online Giving

COVID-19 has changed the donation game. Online giving skyrocketed 36% from April through June 2020 and remains a contactless way to donate. Never assume everyone knows about your online giving options. Educate, remind, and follow up with donors through different avenues – include email, newsletters, social media, etc. 

So how easy is it for someone to give? Are you highlighting ways to give in your social media content? Have you tested how easy (or how hard) it is to donate online? What if you’re giving from your phone? Can you streamline the process? Shorten the giving form? All worthwhile considerations.

2. Embrace Your Nonprofit’s Resilience

During a season of chaos and uncertainty, many nonprofits have grown in ways that may have been just as unexpected as COVID-19 itself. Share your struggles with donors, but also show your resilience by sharing stories about how your nonprofit overcame its struggles. Tell stories about generous donors AND the needs your organization was still able to meet in the community. Showing hope and perseverance is a bright spot that many people seek during a dark time. 

3. Adopt a Flexible Fundraising Strategy

It’s time to expect the unexpected. We may not be able to see into the future, but keeping your fundraising options flexible by adjusting to the environment around you can ease tension. Diversify the way your nonprofit generates revenue. Increase your repertoire of fundraising by offering donors the options to give through online donation forms, virtual events, and peer-to-peer campaigns. Even without a pandemic, having flexible fundraising strategies provides donors with options that may be more suitable to their needs.

4. Get Creative with Virtual Fundraising 

Virtual fundraising isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s an opportunity for your nonprofit to think outside of the box and showcase your mission in a powerful way. Have you considered a podcast? 

A podcast is unique way to share the mission of your nonprofit with listeners and connect with them in a way that written words alone cannot accomplish. This audio format is much more casual and raw, giving listeners the sense that they know who is speaking to them as they tune in. In order to really stir these connections, share real life stories that capture the heart and impact of your nonprofit. Introduce stories about the participants, donors, volunteers, and passionate speakers within your organization or community. Better yet, have them join you on an episode to share their own experience.  

True Testimonies + Genuine Passion = Instant Connection 

We hope these strategies spark an idea on how you can make your nonprofit’s fundraising more adaptable and impactful in the new normal. 

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